Summer Small Group Schedule         Joshua: August 18

Sundays @ 9 a.m.

in conference room @ church

Matthew @ Marino’s home:

 July 27; August 24

                 Saturdays @ 9 a.m.                                                       

contact: Mike Marino (469) 951-1921


‘Journey to Joy’
August Sunday Series

After journeying through the darkest valley in his life, a faithful Christian man was heard to say,

“I think I can be happy again, but I doubt I’ll ever again feel true joy.” 

It happens—circumstances can drag you down and strip the joy from life. 

How do you make the Journey to Joy?  How does God restore your joy when you feel you’ve lost so much?

Each Sunday in August, Trinity will host guest presenters who have made the “Journey to Joy.” 

Don’t miss even one Sunday at our 10:30 a.m. worship service.

 August 4—Michael Behenna
This former U.S. Army 1st lieutenant spent 5 years in federal prison after

conviction for the murder of an Iraqi prisoner. 

Paroled in 2014, Behenna received a presidential pardon in May 2019. 

Hear Michael’s story as he presents with his parents, Scott & Vicki Behenna.

August 11—Ashleigh & Danielle Robinson
Sisters of deep connection in what appears to be polar  opposite directions. 

               Ashleigh recently participated in the Miss Oklahoma competition and

is a Music Theatre graduate of OCU.  Danielle deals with Down Syndrome and a battle with cancer. 

Theirs is a story of sisterly love.

 August 18—Sheri & Scott Waugh
The couple met upon his return to the U.S. from Vietnam where he was a

              decorated Army medic.  Two young professionals who wanted to share their overflowing love with a family of theirs & God’s creation.  But infertility barred the door. 

God decided to open a window into a beautiful new world for Sheri & Scott & their 3 children!

August 25—Dan Borwick
Preacher’s Kid to Party Boy to Preacher himself!  Dan Borwick, recent graduate of UCO,

tells his tale of finally being captive to Christ by setting him free from the power of sin. 

Dan is an evangelist with StuMo: Student Mobilization, a Christian outreach to college kids. 

Check it out at  Dan is a young man with a powerful witness! 


Labor Day Synod Youth Event for grades 8-12

Saturday, August 31 to Monday, September 2 at

United Lutheran Church, Bella Vista, Arkansas.

Interfaith Youth Tour

Sunday, September 15, 1-5:30pm. 

Open to 7th through 12 grade.  $5 each. 

Participants will visit three diverse houses of worship to gain understanding of other faiths.

Briarwood Middle School Retreat

September 20-22.

Go to for details.